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D. Brady

D. Brady is a freelance illustrator for 20 years has done work for: Comics books, Children's books, Toy Box Packaging and more, His client list includes: Toy Biz/ Marvel, Nickelodeon, Hyper Design/Ertle Toys, Lancit Media Productions/PBS Kids, Wet Cement, Etrenal Relic Games, Harper Collions Publishing, and MGM studios Hollywood. He has served as an Art Director for Community Comics books/Alias Enterprises (2005), an Adjuct Professor of Graphic Design at NEO A&M college(2010), as well as taught illustration classes at Labette College(1999-2001), Currently lives in Chicago, and is doing Comics and Card art, and packaging for Eternal Relic Games/ Crusaders of Lornia line. As well Rocket Boy Magazine. and more.

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